Artist celebrates Ramona in library mural

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As seen in The San Diego Union-Tribune on July 29, 2018

Friends of Ramona Library commission Del Mar artist Betsy Schulz to create a mural for Ramona Library. (Sentinel file photo)

A new sculptural ceramic mural, capturing the spirit and history of Ramona, is being installed at Ramona Library.

Friends of the Ramona Library commissioned Del Mar artist Betsy Schulz to design and create the mural.

“She extensively researched the history, the people who lived here, and the plants and animals from this area, to capture the spirit of Ramona,” Debby Novak, Friends of the Ramona Library president, said in her announcement about the mural.

This new mural replaces the old donor wall outside the library entrance from the parking lot. As well as having no space to add new names, the blue tiles of the old donor wall were faded and in need of a refresh. All of the names from the original donor wall are currently included on the new donor wall, also designed and created by Betsy, inside the library entrance.

“If you would like to see where your donor tile is on the new wall, please stop by the library information desk, or in the bookstore,” said Novak. “A list is maintained that correlates the names to the location on the new wall.”