• 1_Burger_concrete_Firepit
  • 2_Burger_lobster_sediment_wall
  • 3_Burger_Firepit_octopus
  • 4_Burger_beer_octopus
  • 5_Burger_seeding_concrete_nautilus
  • 6_Burger_Seeding
  • 7_Burger_Firepit_steps
  • 8_Burger_stone_steps_patio
  • 10_Burger_fireplace_egret
  • 11_Burger_Landscape_columns
  • 12_Burger_columns_Tile_Birds

The Burger residence landscape combines “seeded” concrete with tile installations and natural low-water plantings surrounded by boulders. Katie Pelisek and Betsy Schulz began the one-acre project with scaled site plans and detailed drawings of specific garden features (such as the fireplace, entry columns, and flagstone patios), and then selected the project materials. Schulz sculpted the tiles and cut and laid the fireplace and patio stones with an assistant stone mason. With Pelisek she managed the concrete pours and the seeding of pebbles and shells into the patio surface. The installation of boulders, plants, and irrigation completed this tranquil outdoor living environment.


Medium: Landscape design, art, and installationSize: 1 acreDuration: May–December 2012Client: Susie and Jack Burger