• 1_Harbor_Point_Mural_tile_fish
  • 2_Harbor_Point_Mural_tile_lighthouse
  • 3_Harbor_Point_Mural_tile_seagulls
  • 4_Harbor_Point_Mural_mosaic_install
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The imagery in the Harbor Point mural reflects the history and spirit of the Point Loma area from the past to the present. Betsy Schulz created sculpted tiles of the Point Loma lighthouse, PC-class sailboats racing, sea birds, and fishes. Photos specific to the area were obtained from San Diego Historical Society and other sources, and were silk-screened onto tiles used throughout the mural. These include a large map from the 1920s, the Loma Theater sign, the Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier, two fighter planes, and a couple at Lover’s Leap. Because it’s important to Schulz as a professional artist to guide students and provide experiences that may help them in their future, she engaged teenagers from the Juvenile Court and Community Schools (JCCS) to help make tiles for the mural; this was facilitated by the ARTS (A Reason To Survive) organization located at Liberty Station. She also mentored a student from High-Tech High in Point Loma who worked on the project.


Medium: Handmade sculpted tilesSize: 200 sq. ft.Duration: May 2009–November 2010Client: The Peckham Family Trust

Special Thanks

The Peckham Family, Sentre Partners, Denise Holcombe, ARTS, JCCS, Esme Biddicks (High-Tech High intern), and Ted Cantor (Premier Image Screen Printing)