In this private residence, I sculpted a wonderland of native animals, birds, insects and plants with ethereal background colors and textures. Upon entering the internal courtyard, colorful ceramic leaves and ceramic strips of color guide you to the main door. Inside you’ll pass through the kitchen and notice a playful backsplash, adding a pop of color and whimsy to the counter top area. The indoor art culminates with a large wall mural and a smaller circular mural in the private master bath. These art works are inspired by the native plants and animals of Southern California and Parsley’s personal artist’s aesthetic.


Medium: Handmade Sculptural CeramicsSize: Bathroom Mural: 9ft x 7ft; Bathroom Mural: 3ft round; Kitchen Backsplash: 9ft x 6in; Entry Murals: 12in x 6in; Walkway Ceramic Art: 3ft x 4in stripsDuration: Completed 2021Client: Private

Special Thanks

Kathy Tanaka, Jordyn Nikole, Iris Salazar, and My Family

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Private Residence