These four backlit murals, designed by Betsy K. Schulz with assistance from Marie Poleshek, depict the kelp beds and the creatures that live within them. The work is a combination of Betsy’s sculptural ceramics and fused glass produced by Chris Austin, Kiwi Studios. The glass is backlit to give the illusion of light shining into water. As the sun sets, the silhouette of the kelp becomes dominant, transforming the art. The tall narrow format, combined with the soon-to-be installed fountain below, complements this modern home near the ocean.


    Medium: Handmade Sculptural Ceramics Size: Four murals, each 9 1/2in x 72in x 2inDuration: Completed 2018Client: The Poleshek Family

    Special Thanks

    The Poleshek Family, Marie Polishek, Chris Austin, Kathy Tanaka and Amy Baur