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The Library’s entry mural incorporates four donor-tile panels (each 18 in. wide x 48 in. tall) settled among three art panels (each 48 in. tall x 60 in. wide), depicting the natural and rural essence of Fallbrook. Betsy Schulz silkscreened the donor names onto handmade tiles, with six tile sizes representing six levels of donation, from $1,500 to $40,000. The art panels are made from sculpted and silk-screened tiles, found objects, and word mosaics. Schulz used an owl flying out of a sculpted book surrounded by a spray of words and phrases to represent the wisdom to be gained from study. A giant avocado, a sunflower, and leaves represent the agricultural heritage of Fallbrook. Historical images of local people and places, from the Fallbrook Historical Society, were silkscreened onto tiles and used throughout the mural. In an event that provided the community an opportunity to be a part of the project, more than 200 local residents attended a workshop at the Fallbrook School of the Arts to create tiles with inspiring words and phrases. Read the whole story here »


Medium: Handmade sculpted tiles and found objectsSize: 88 sq. ft.Duration: May 2009-November 2010Client: Friends of the Fallbrook Library

Special Thanks

Friends of the Fallbrook Library, Jerri Patchett, Denise Holcombe, Kathryn Schmiedeberg, Kathy Tanaka, Insu Nuzzi, Fallbrook community volunteers, Ted Cantor (Premier Image Screen Printing), and Gordon Darnelle (Stanford Sign & Awning)