The Seeds of Knowledge Community Recognition Project was designed for The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF). It’s an art installation in downtown Manhattan Beach acknowledging the community of educators, parents, students, volunteers, and donors who value and support education. The Installation not only celebrates decades of support, of the Manhattan Beach schools, through MBEF and the Endowment but also invites viewers to explore the significance of education. The mural depicts a child discovering the world — the layers of earth beneath her, the environment around her, and the future represented in the stars. The donors are recognized on etched limestone tiles. The images in the 6 framed oval murals comprise hundreds of hand-made, high-fired, sculptural ceramics. The succulents, in the planter below the installation, were chosen for their low-water requirements and to complement the colors in the ceramics.


Medium: Handmade Sculptural Ceramics, Engraved Limestone Tiles, SucculentsSize: 9’ x 31’Duration: Completed May 2023Client: The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF)

Special Thanks

MBEF, Hilary Mahan, The City of Manhattan Beach, Eilen Stewart, Stanford Sign & Awning, Gordon Darnelle, Stone Imagery, Paul Rhia, and my amazing and talented Art Assistants: Rachel Dinwiddie, Kathie Tanaka, and Katie Pelisek

More Info

451 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266