The Fallbrook Library Receives an Orchid

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A Design Garden is so pleased to have participated in the Fallbrook Branch Library project. At this year’s Orchids & Onions, this gem of a project stood out as one of the best and was awarded a People’s Choice Orchid Award.

Orchids & Onions: More winners than losers (Excerpt)
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“The old library was replaced with something modern and sustainable, ultimately creating a great signature building for Fallbrook,” the jury said after reviewing public comments.

It was designed by Ferguson Pape Baldwin Architects and Oncina Architects.

Fallbrook Library, Lake Hodge bridge among Orchid winners in design ceremony (Excerpt)
From The North County Times (Read the full article)

The new Tuscan and Southwest-style Fallbrook Library is 21,000 square feet, cost $11.6 million and has a roof that is covered with live plants.

“We have designed a building that had sizzle, that had pop, that was attractive to the citizens, and indeed was not ‘business as usual,'” Aponte said.

Besides looking nice, the library has proven to be functional, with book circulation up about 61 percent this year, Aponte said.